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I am a :
Lesbian Cougar Seeking A Lesbian Cub
Age :
Marital Status :
Dating Objetive :
Location :
Los Angeles, California, United States
Height :
5ft 2in (157cm)
Body Type :
Ethnicity :
Religion :
Profession :
Fashion Designer
Hobbies / Interests / Activities :

Dancing/clubbing, movies, biking, hiking, camping, photography, arts, scuba diving, road trips, reading.

Favorite Shows / Movies / Music :

Too many to mention.

More About Me :

ATTENTION: Please don't contact me if you are a Stripper/Feature/Exotic Dancer/Showgirl/Adult Entertainer either now or in the past. I like my women classy, not trashy. Confidence is sexy but being an Attention Whore is not.

LADIES BEWARE! There is a lot of fake profile on online dating sites. It turns out the person you are talking to is either a man or someone that is not the real person as stated in their profile.

A girl on here accused me of being a guy but when I gave her my Skype & Snapchat username to prove I am real LIVE. She refused to give me hers and prove herself. Ladies, I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR GAMES.

In my experience on this dating website, is that younger women DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. I have encountered a few of them on here who turned out to BE ON A REBOUND, play games, time waster, and just plain crazy. Not one has proven to me that she is mature. So I am skeptical of this age gap dating thing. AND I'll never be your Sugar Mama. Pay your own dinner, etc.

I wonder where are all the classy women are located.
Meeting women is easy, getting numbers is easy, but finding the right one may take a lifetime. I am an Entrepreneur and own my own Fashion line.

What I'm attracted to:
1) I dated Internationally, which includes Middle Eastern (Persian, Israeli), Caucasian, and Indian.
2) Feminine women, girly girls, sweet, humbleness, kindness, fun, ability to hold & carry a conversation.

What I'm NOT attracted to:
Excessive tattoos, obesity, BBW (Big Beautiful Women), ghettos, rudeness, pretentiousness, fake, flakes, women who are attached to ex or can't let go of ex.

If dating: I am very dominant sexually and seeking someone submissive.
If just friends: Have some interests in common so that we can do it together. I'm not looking for a pen pal.

Hopefully, what I write in here will weed out the 99%.


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