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Lesbian Woman Looking For Lesbian Love
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Hang Out
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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5ft 5in (165cm)
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Hey, I'm Sophie, I'm 22.

Things I like:
Drawing, painting, op-shopping, writing, partying, docs, red heads, Zooey Deschanel (also Katy Perry), motivated people, exercising, nutrition, drag queens, drag kings, seafood (I try to be vegetarian, but I can't give up the mighty prawn), back tickles, rock 'n' roll, Cajun music, debating, staying up late, cheese, cats, internet, cartoons, romantics, feminism, Gina Riley.

Things I don't like:
Fake people, patronising people, getting sunburnt, poor grammar, people who are backwards in their thinking i.e stupid hicks, Tony Abbott (sexism), feeling nervous, people who borrow things and don't give them back (!), lazy people, five day timetables at uni, curly beach fringe, bad breath.

I've just finished a Creative Industries degree at uni (Drama/English), and this year I'm doing my Grad. Dip. in Education (Primary - kidlets!).
I want to travel.
I currently work in a DVD store, so I get free DVDs.
I like to dress up all fancy like.
I love doing outdoors 'stuff', but at the moment I don't do enough of it.
The fact that I like cats doesn't mean that I don't like dogs.
I'd like to write and illustrate a children's book.

That's enough!


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