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I am a :
Lesbian Woman Looking For Lesbian Love
Age :
Marital Status :
Dating Objetive :
Location :
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Height :
5ft (152cm)
Body Type :
A Few Extra Pounds
Ethnicity :
Religion :
Profession :
Health Care Professional
More About Me :

I'm happiest when I'm with my friends, reading a good book, or just driving around. I'm really pretty simple but I'm a woman so therefore I am complicated (some days). I'm really not good at filling these out. What do you wanna know? Am I an axe murderer? No. Am I a pathological liar? Not so much. Do I like cookies? Always.

I love things that go vroom and want to be able to fix them one day. So when your car goes "*click**click**click*" I can make it go "*click**click**VROOM*" Somehow I'll find a way to work on that in between getting my bachelor's in nursing. And maybe my master's in physical therapy. Don't ask me how. Probably through the sheer will of God. Or 5 hour energies. Whichever works first.

I have an obsession with Harley Davidson but according to a guy from D.C. that I met on the strip one day, "everyone and their mom likes Harley Davidson". So I guess that makes me Everyone and Their Mom. Hi, nice to meet you. (ty if you laughed at that)

My friends and I have termed ourselves sarcastic assholes so if you can keep up and not get offended, auditions will be held after the show!

When I'm not being "Nethy" in the social setting, I'm "Araneth" in the workplace. I currently work as an LPN for a nursing agency that sucks at giving me hours but they do their best. One day I'll have a job with set hours but until then it's all good.


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