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I am a :
Lesbian Woman Looking For Lesbian Love
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Location :
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Height :
5ft 7in (170cm)
Body Type :
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Religion :
Profession :
Self-employed Person
Hobbies / Interests / Activities :

Video editing
I like walking in wooded areas, or by rivers.... Somewhere pretty is prefered, or in a location with cool buildings.
Dancing - I took lessons for 14 years and I love it.

Favorite Shows / Movies / Music :

The Doctors

More About Me :

I am a perpetual student with my own small business. I also have a part time day job so I can work in a slightly more normal situation with "normal" people. My next education goal is to take Global Affairs at NYU. I would like to work for a global organization that does some good in our world for a few years at least - The U.N., The Peace Corps, Amnesty International or some other international organization I hold in high regard. I have been studying socio economics off and on for a few years, and am a huge fan of ethical and responsible corporate business practices, and I do not see or hear of many businesses that I find admirable by my very high, and awesome standards. I love my family and I am really open minded and loving. I will skateboard with my nephews, or check out the ballet with my sister. Produce techno, or see the symphony. I can appreciate many things in life and I don't like to limit my experiences to the current status quo. I might even avoid it (the staus quo) because I don't do things to fit in, I do things because I believe in them, or would like to revel in it's beauty.

I don't think I am a cougar, and I might be out of "cubhood." I really don't know those standards by age(s) or anything. I am 32, but won't be into dating someone over 38, and won't go much lower than 28. And you have to be really awesome for me to go below 28. So if you like me impress me.


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