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Lesbian Cub Seeking A Lesbian Cougar
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West Covina, California, United States
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5ft 5in (165cm)
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I'm 24 years old with no kids. I've never been married, and I'm over all my exs. I am simple but, in a complex way. I am meek yet bold. I speak my mind. I don't like being told what to do, asking me is best. I can be emo but some times I don't care at all. I am honest 97% of the time because I am human. I can be sweet or a bitch u pick by how you come at me and how you bring things to me. {Its not what u say its how, when and where} I don't try to change me its really annouying to me and it doesn't work.{love me for who i am or kick rocks} I am very girly but, I don't wear heels all time, I'm more of a flip flop kind of girl. I very much know who I am. I am a lady and I must be treated like one at all times but yet I have girly ways. I am very playful at times and I love to lol. I am spoild!!! I care but I can be very non saluant. I'm vein yet I have depth. I think I'm getting too old for meanless sex and booty calls. I wait on having sex. I am a very faithful person. I'm one of the few people that really just wants to be with just one person. I don't get bored easly but I'm human. I love the lord but I live in sin

I enjoy older women because they seem to know what they want in life and are more understanding.Beside the thought of being a "suga baby" is kind a turn on. I also like the more butchy type.


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