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Lesbian Cub Seeking A Lesbian Cougar
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Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
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5ft 9in (175cm)
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Administration Professional
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L word

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Hey!, I'm Dani. & for the most part, im a good girl.. i rarely party, but on occasion i do, sadly i feel like i'm already beyond that party phase.. im free spirited, i often get told im "weird" "different" "something else" & i love it! ive been through A LOT of changes in the last few years. I'm curious, i'm not a clingy person, i am independent, i am always looking for MORE & I HATE being told what to do:] Music is important to me, my favorite kind of food is sushi, I love going to concerts, LOVE shopping, love animals and I'm loud at times & quiet & shy at other times. I'm 5'9", naturally blonde hair. I'm talll but I like it that way. I wanna be a cosmotologist, so needless to say I'm always doing somthing different with my hair. I have a twin sister and a son who is 6. There's a lot more to me than you would think. I love doing hair and makeup, I do a bit of modelling now and again just for some extra cash mind. I also love my sister, & I'm from a big family. I'm not gunna say I'm not like other girls like everyone else does, I'm just DANI so get to know me before you judge me. You will soon learn that I'm addicted to life. Pretty much....I'm just Dani :)

I'm Swedish on my dads side and have family there too! :)


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