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Lesbian Woman Looking For Lesbian Love
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New York, New York, United States
Height :
5ft 9in (175cm)
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Creative Person
Hobbies / Interests / Activities :

I have TONS of hobbies! I am always on the go and doing something. I know it may be cliche, but my summers are filled with softball. I play on at least 2 teams, maybe 3. On my down time, I'm mostly at home watching documentaries, or trash tv.

Favorite Shows / Movies / Music :

Blah, blah, blah, ask me out and we'll discuss this over dinner:)

More About Me :

I'm originally a Southern Belle from Georgia, but I've lived in NYC for almost 11 years. So if you're seeking a southern accent, it's long gone. Sorry. Although....it will occasionally creep out if I'm tired, angry, or had too much to drink. I moved to New York to be an actress, then after about five years of pursuing that here, I realized I hated it. Ever since then I've been in school and waiting tables and chasing a new dream. I LOVE New York!! I love talking to strangers, reading biographies of celebrities, and anything that involves competition. I dislike bad tippers, pineapples, and snow. I'm just looking for someone to share the day-to-day with. Call me.


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